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Up Close And Personal With Trailblazing Carol Hobbs

”My love for the arts and Media started at a time I never thought I would find my happiest place. When I was a teenager, I used to call in to a radio station to do what they call ‘send a shout out to this that and the other person. Little did I know that was the beginning of my radio journey.”

Those are words of Vosloorus shining radio star, Carol Hobbs as she was relating her radio journey.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Scope, the Rosebank College Journalism and Media Studies graduate revealed how she got into radio, her media journey lessons, secrets and advice to those who want to emulate her.

My first job was actually not in radio but somehow in a related media field. I started working with Konica Minolta. Like I said, that might seem like just another first-time employee ordinary start. That was not the case for me.

Even though I was hired as a shop assistant but that helped me to perfect the art of customer service and photography. I strongly believe that I am where I am today, careerwise because I know how to be of service to people.

She did that job for about six months but on the side, she was trying every radio avenue. Hobbs first official media came in 2006 at Kasi FM. Later on, Johannesburg’s biggest community radio station, Jozi FM snatched from Kasi FM.

Kasi FM had an opening for the breakfast show. I hosted that show for a year. My talent and commitment to my radio craft were quickly noticed by many local radio stations.

At that time, a number of stations approached me but I guess I was still emotional attached to Kasi FM. That changed when Jozi FM head hunted me though. I was roped in as one of their presenters.

The station management decided to moved me across to other shows.That’s where I learnt the term “jack of all radio trades” throughout my seven year stint with the station.

While she was doing other things outside of the media industry, now and again Hobbs would do a present for an online radio station called, Rhythm100radio.

At some point, the East Rand queen of the airwaves took a break from radio to take on another increasing career adventure in the hospitality industry.

During my radio break, I was able to obtain marketing skills as well as assist in the public relations of a small company. I also worked for Southern Sun as a customer consultant doing bookings and customer servicing.

That supposed break didn’t last long because in a few months time. According to her, the loud silent voice inside kept on telling her to go back to the microphone again.

Radio has thought me that when your talent isn’t just yours only to enjoy but rather for the service to the world, God, ancestors and the universe will always redirect you to your life calling or purpose.

That is exactly what happened to me in 2018. Radio started calling my name again but this time, it was in an unfamiliar geographic territory. I got headhunted by North West Fm.

That was it. The radio God’s had decided that Bokone Bophirima was my new home province.

Despite being excited about the new-old radio journey that too came with its life reality checks, challenges and …

Still being somehow forced to honour her ABET teaching job back in Johannesburg was one of those challenges.

Based on how she effortless revealed her way out of that commitment, it is safe to assume that was not the biggest challenge in her North West new life.

Without really explicitly admitting that being away from her parents and beautiful daughter was the most difficult challenge, Hobbs quickly change the topic back to her blossoming radio and entrepreneurship careers

As if she is taking a pause before she reveals more details about her current radio gig(s), without being asked about her radio journey secret, Hobbs said time has always been my best bet when it comes to navigating all her step by step growth moves.’

That is exactly what informed her from North West FM to TransAfrica Radio two years ago.

Then, BOOOOM, many interesting stories about how she joined North West’s only commercial radio station, You FM  89.8 to103.9 website, DSTV channel 842 and on their Mobile App

The blessings, positive challenges and lessons of being the stations FIRST Female prime time host and weekend shows lead presenter. All those who listen to her show will likely tell you even more information about her amazing on-air talent, pleasant spontaneous surprises and, when necessary beyond reproach journalism grilling style.

Among many social, economic hats the You FM prime time anchor; is also an extremely proud mother, entrepreneur, events Master of Ceremony and a philanthropist.

In the next few weeks, Showbiz Scope will give you a front-row seat of the astute Carol as the entrepreneur behind the fashion brand called, Be Seen.

Maybe, just maybe, we might give you inside scope into yummy Carol as the mother or even push it to sexy Carol as someone someone’s bae.

Yours is to keep listening to her on You FM Drive from 3 to 6 every weekdays and Saturday Brunch.

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