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The threat by the Limpopo government that prohibits none vaccinated citizens from buying alcohol is likely to end up in court as angry swear to take the provincial government to court for infringing of their rights to consume whatever eatable or drinkable substance of their choice.

This imminent court is a direct response to Limpopo MEC of health Phophi Ramathuba who was quoted by Sunday World saying all Limpopo based taverns, shebeen and club owners ‘must refuse to sell alcohol to those who have not been vaccinated or don’t have vaccination cards.’’

According to MEC Ramathuba alcohol sellers are likely to heed the Limpopo Health Department call because it will be beneficial to their business.

“When we declared war against HIV/AIDS, we introduced the ‘no condom, no sex’ campaign and we made significant progress in the fight against this disease.

“So this time around, we want to say ‘no vaccination card, no date’. We are saying so because the majority of people who are not vaccinating are males, so If we all vaccinate there won’t be any waves and there will be no need to prohibit alcohol.’’ said MEC Ramathuba

Limpopo based Alcohol sellers and consumers lambasted the MEC for what they believe is the abuse of public office power and human rights infringement.

Angry Polokwane based licensed nightclub owner said Bennet Lekgwathi lambasted the MEC for trying to use Covid 19 vaccine as a tool to force alcohol consumers to be vaccinated.

“Our people don’t have jobs, most provincial government departments are struggling to deliver basic service, corruption, crime and illiteracy statistics continue to go up.

This MEC and her provincial leadership must deal with those countless social ills instead of trying to start a fight with those who drink and don’t want to be vaccinated.’’ said Lekgwathi

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Giyani based alcohol consumer Kgadi Baloyi said the MEC’s plan will not work. According to the 30-year-old, no politician will stop people like her from drinking alcohol.

‘’There will always be someone to go buy for those of us who don’t want to be vaccinated.

Even President Ramaphosa once admitted that ‘one of the more difficult areas of regulation relates to the sale of alcohol. The liquor industry is a major employer and an important contributor to our economy. So this MEC isn’t wasting her time but less informed about how things work on the ground.’’ said Baloyi

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On the other hand, Tzaneen based responsible alcohol activist, Mashudu Mukwevho said

‘’Age-appropriate citizens have constitutionally entrenched right to consume any harmless beverages. On the other hand, have a right to conduct their businesses freely without intimidation or manipulation from politicians MEC Ramathuba. The MEC must please focus her energy on matters that are of relevancy to her health constituency.’’ said Mukwevho

Based on this overwhelming backlash, it is not clear how will Limpopo will implement its plan to prohibit alcohol consumers from accessing their favourite beverages.


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