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‘Uzalo’ And ‘The Queen’ Stars Entangled In A Cheating Saga

After receiving evidence that TK was cheating, Jessica Nkosi made the news public by letting the lady who’s been sleeping with TK know that she will now have him.

Fans weren’t surprised that this happened but were astonished by the way Jessica was handling things by shredding her baby daddy Ntokozo TK Dlamini on social media when she acknowledged that wasn’t being faithful.

In light of Katlego Maboe’s cheating scandal, it looks like there are more people being unfaithful lately than people that are faithful.

Jessica received hard-core evidence of TK being unfaithful and felt the necessity to show him on social media but later deleted her statuses and tweets over the matter. Jessica and TK have always had a rocky relationship even after their daughter was born.

She seems to can’t handle the humiliation any more, wants better, and seems like she will do better than TK Dlamini. The two also appeared to have reconciled as Jessica Nkosi and her daughter showered TK Dlamini with a delicious-looking cake, flowers, and a Gucci gift which he posted a video.

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