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Uzalo Star Reflects On Losing His Father From Covid-19

Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu, who plays the hilarious Captain Nyawo on the SABC 1’s flagship show, who uses fancy English words every time, is the latest celebrity to reveal that he recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

“Covid-19 has brought me a double heartache. While fighting it, I’m also hurting that I couldn’t bid farewell to my father or even arrange his funeral arrangement as his firstborn. I didn’t have a choice but to protect everyone. This is the time to be safe and protect each other. It hurts that our parents are leaving because of this pandemic.”

The actor who is currently in isolation told the paper that he tested positive on 4 January and said he will finish his self-isolating period on Wednesday.

“I will check again to make sure the virus is gone. Right now I’m feeling better, but I have a little chest pain,” he said.

Another who recently warned people to take care of themselves and their loved ones is Nathi Mankayi. The multi-award-winning musician lost his parents to the virus in a matter of weeks.

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