Vuyolwethu – Depression and anxiety awareness single

The new single ‘Vuyolwethu’ by a poet Nosipho “Nue Sam” Khuzwayo raises awareness about depression and anxiety.

The poet features Buhlebendalo. The song highlights the challenges that people suffering from mental illness such as depression and anxiety go through. Nosipho usually makes poems and posts them on her social media platforms. This single is one of her videos that she made in 2018.

“The song was originally a video, a poem that I did in early 2018. It is my first poem single. When I met Buhlebendalo she knew the video and told me that she sent it to her sister, who was suffering from depression. Her sister’s name is Vuyolwethu. The song is a dedication to Vuyolwethu, Buhlebendalos sister. In the chorus when she sings, she’s actually speaking to her sister. The song was a personal moment between two people who take it very personal”, stated Nue Sam.

She speaks about the challenges that she herself went through such as self-harm and how people view her without understanding her condition and having to explain herself. Going through mental breakdowns as well as having sleepless nights.

A press release about the single Vuyolwethu says, “With this song, we ask for help and more information. We’re also putting it out there that if one is suffering from the same issues, never feel alone. As much as the people around you might not get it, you are never alone. Half the world (if not more) is facing the same problems; if we could just educate more and make it a known thing that depression is real and words can kill”.

The poet expressed that if there is anyone that is also experiencing depression or anxiety that they should learn to love themselves and find self-motivation. Learn to accept themselves, it can save them from damaging their self- esteem. Trying to keep distance from being hurt or what hurts them can be helpful as well in dealing with the condition better.

The single is available in all leading digital platforms and can be accessed here:https: //

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG):
0800 456 789 (24 hour helpline)
0800 567 567 (suicide emergency)
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