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DJ Speedsta, Bontle Smith, Material Don Dada and Kim Jayde wearing the new and exclusive XT range.

Born in Johannesburg for all of Africa, the new XT range is The Cross Trainer’s private label that targets an eclectic mix of South African youth who share a common love for street fashion and athleisure wear.

For decades young people have used fashion for self-expression and have found a sense of belonging amongst those who share a similar sense of style. Hanging out at the same spots, these young people listen to the same music, and they hold strong global views as connectivity has enabled them to live in a global village.

It this global village that the XT range leveraged, requiring The Cross Trainer to take a Glocalisation (think global and act local) approach. Although the flyest fashion figures who will be kitted in XT threads have a global outlook, they are still proudly South African. Furthermore, the XT range empowers female-owned businesses, local designers, and artists to set a new standard of fashion while not only empowering South African communities but progressing sustainability by using environmentally friendly materials.

“Upon conceiving the brand, we wanted to separate the XT range from what was already out there. Rather than simply produce another fashion label that adds to the woe of the environment, our goal was to produce a sustainable brand with the future in mind,” says Ryan Frame, Creative Strategist of XT range.

He says it was vital to use partnerships with local communities in bringing the XT range to life as the brand’s fabric is intrinsically South African it should be reflected by the choices it makes.

For Frame, South Africa and Africa at large often remains overlooked and their massive potential untapped. The XT range not only celebrates creativity but places the country and continent’s heritage on a global stage while advocating for a healthier environment through fashion.

The launch of the XT range took place at The Cross Trainer store in Sandton, Johannesburg through a campaign called, Find the Others, where arbiters for fashion were part of the reverence and rubbed shoulders with the leaders of the new school.

“Through their common love of fashion, hunger to improve the world and yearning to express themselves, the XT range unites a community of unique individuals who find each other in their love for fashion.

“Collaborating is a major cornerstone for us and to share the awe of the XT Range, we have partnered up with South Africa’s top talents including, Kim Jayde, DJ Speedsta, Bontle Smith and Material Don Dada. The quartet is part of the XT range launch video shot in Cape Town for the campaign and captures the unifying and progressive element fashion plays in social cohesion,” says Vanessa Goddess Marketing Manager at The Cross Trainer.

The Cross Trainer stores will exclusively sell the new XT range, at 30 selected stores nationwide and fashionistas can also get these fresh threads online at

“ ‘Find the others’ is more than a tagline, it’s a call to unite with others who share a similar outlook around sustainability, individuality and freedom of expression. When like-minded people are gathered, ideas transform into action. The world will see the XT range for its authenticity as we make the streets our runway and display showstopping fashionistas. It is time we made the world sit up and pay attention to what we have to offer as we create the world we want to see.

“We don’t claim to be perfect neither do we aspire to be. We have witnessed an exponential growth in proudly South African fashion brands that rival their global counterparts, and the XT Range is ready to be a part of the fashion revolution as we treat the world to African finesse,” concludes Frame.


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