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Young Talented Producer Living Up to His Potential

ByNqobile Magubane

Jan 22, 2021

A young and upcoming producer and sound engineer Marumo Setshabe is on to something big in his life in music.

The 20 year old started music when he was only 14 years old. He started producing music around 2014/15. He got a program called FL Studio, that’s is where he got familiar with composing music. It become an interest to him and he ran with the vibe as he expressed in the interview.

Since he started producing he has worked with quiet a few interesting artists and for him that opportunity has been amazing.

“I have actually produced for a few artists by the likes of Aubrey Qwana, Lilitha, khonaz, Quentin Ryans, That-Ego just to name a few a lot more in the pipeline and these are just some of the talented artists I have been given an opportunity to work with and I have really learned a lot from working with them”, commented the producer.

With the artists the producer has worked with, they all have different sounds and that would require for the producer to know how to work around the different sound and beat producing. Marumo proved his able to work around any challenge.

“Research and practice. It’s really those two things. I’m really dedicated to achieving whatever I set out to achieve so if I get a chance to work with an artist of a particular sound that I don’t know but find interesting, I do research and have what I call a music appreciation session where I just chill and appreciate their music and what it has to offer, I learn from that and incorporate it with my ability to not only make but recreate music in the best way I possibly can,” he said.

Working with people is a lot at times. But not for this young man. Marumo expressed that for him it has gotten easier to deal with the different personalities that he gets to work with. For him it is all in understanding where the other person is coming from (realistically). He can establish a problem-solving mechanism.

“There’s a lot of people who play a role in my sound, but I would say zoocci coke dope is who I look up to, he’s extremely talented, ” he stated.

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