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Zizo Tshwete urges South Africans to become better humans

In a motivational video on Instagram, Zizo read a few verses from the Bible which she used to encourage people to tackle their challenges head-on.

Zizo made reference to how David had many siblings and was seen to be less important as the “Last born”, but he never thought little of himself, especially when it came to slaying Goliath.

Zizo then asked her followers whether they’d be ready to tackle their situations head-on, and what attitude they would have when it came to facing the issue.

“Sometimes being the ‘underdog, the type of person perceived as the one who might be able to either have a solution or overcome a situation, may come in the space where we start to doubt ourselves.”

“This a reminder that it will torment you, and when it does, you need to get into the headspace that you are ready for when you have to take action.”

Zizo emphasized how important it was to “Take up the task” and not procrastinate when tackling issues.

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