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Zodwa Wabantu Is Ready To Lobola Herself For Any Interested Man

Zodwa Wabantu is now desperate for a husband and has spent R800 000 on this. It is every woman’s dream to one day get married and have a family of their own. Both rich and poor women all want this and Zodwa Wabantu is no expectation.

The socialite once shared that she doesn’t care about marriage but turns out she wasn’t really serious.

The controversial dancer is now ready for marriage and has even bought an engagement ring for her future husband. Taking to her Instagram she showed the engagement rings worths R80 000 and captioned the video with

“I need to Register myself at Home Affairs, I’m Looking @dailysunsa Comment Below Candidate. I Want a Man. Siziphilele Careles, I have a House at Nelspruit & Durban. Bank House only Fourways Asiphile,”

Some men began trying their luck in the comment section we will see who win her. However, others have shared that this is now an act of desperation from Zodwa Wabantu.

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