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Zodwa Wabantu Shows Off Her Vulnerable And Emotional Side

From her skimpy clothes, buying herself a coffin, dramatic relationships, to tightening her vagina, Zodwa has done it all.

The entertainer and dancer, shares all of this on her social media despite always getting backlash. She has always maintained a certain image, and doesn’t seek for anyone’s validation.

Behind all this, “I don’t care attitude”, there is a soft woman, who at times gets emotional and sad. Zodwa recently shares an Instagram post opening up about her feelings.

She admitted being sad, and because of that cried for some hours. Zodwa stated that, people generally don’t check up on others, and never avail themselves to help others.

“Today I’m Sad Been Crying Since in the Morning till now. Why I share it here? In Real Life we Don’t have Real People to Ask Us, Are you okay, did you Eat, what can I do for you, Do you need me? What can I do We Have given so much of ourselves that you don’t even see that , I’m not Okay. You only Take from us. We Give & End up Tired Who is There For Me even by the Simplest Form, No One Guess What we are all Busy with Our Lives. Tomorrow is another Day,” Zodwa said

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