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Zodwa Wabantu’s Ex-Boyfriend Reveals Details Of His Wedding

The couple met in Durban in May and Vusi had just broken up with Zodwa.

Vusi said he was not looking for a relationship when he met Thenjiwe.

“I asked for her phone number as she was about to leave and we have been inseparable since. What attracted me to her was her beauty,” said Vusi.

“We had to fight a lot of negativity. I’ had recently dumped Zodwa and there was a lot happening in my life. But my fiancée stood by me and I decided I wanted to marry her,” said Vusi.

The couple had dated for four months when Vusi popped the question.

“When you see a good woman you cannot let her go. Thenjiwe compliments me in every way, she is what I need,” said Vusi.

Thenjiwe said Vusi had just come out of a messy relationship when they met.

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